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Please have the following information to hand when booking traffic control.

Start date and time

Finish date and time

On site Contacts name and mobile number

Site location (two intersecting roads and suburb).

Will a traffic plan be required and will approval be required

Is the job on the road, next to the road or footpath.

What if any additional effects will the works have, will it effect pedestrians or property access, parking.

Will the works be close to any public facilities likes schools, hospitals, Rail terminals, emergency services.

Will you require stop/slow (1 way traffic around your site), lane closure (Arrow board), partial lane closure, pedestrian assistance, cross-over (traffic going against traffic flow), or better still lets us explain what options you have.

What direction is the traffic flow impacted by the works, north, east , south, west or combination.

Additional information on traffic flows that will help in assessing requirements.

Number of lanes the road has each way.

Current speed of the traffic (eg 70 kph original speed) , you can also specify the speed you wish traffic to be reduced to, depending on your circumstance the road can be reduced to 60, 40 or slower(requires site specific TMP)

Job description.